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Oracle Cloud P2P/OBN Optimation Specialist

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Experienced business consultant with a long history of deploying Oracle applications and integrations.  Spends most days optimizing existing procurement installs.

  • 28+ years of Oracle ERP experience
  • 7+ years of Oracle Cloud experience
  • 100+ Oracle Cloud to Oracle Business Network connections
  • 10+ Oracle Cloud Implementations
  • Certified in 21 different applications
  • Focused on driving millions to client bottom lines via cost reduction, productivity, and risk mitigation


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Email Verified Identity Verified Panameer: 03783

Post-Demonstration Deep Dive

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Email Verified Identity Verified Panameer: 03783

Demonstration Q&A Session

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Andersen Consulting

  •  Senior Consultant (PeopleSoft)
  •  Mar 1994 - Feb 1997

Full cycle PeopleSoft implementations for Cox Communications, Woolworth/Footlocker.

Independent Contractor

  •  P2P/SCM Contractor (PeopleSoft)
  •  Nov 1996 - Mar 2010

Deployed PeopleSoft Procure-to-Pay applications for Fortune 500 companies and state and local government organizations.


  •  P2P/SCM Architect (PeopleSoft)
  •  Mar 2010 - Mar 2016

Worked for/Founded PeopleSoft deployment company focused on providing white label resources to best of breed systems integrators. SRM deployed only P2P solutions.

City of Alburquerque (OraCloud+)

  •  Source-to-Settle SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Oct 2017 - Aug 2018

At the request of a mid-tier SI, met with IT team to design "wrapping" Procurement Cloud Suppliers/Supplier Reg, Suppliers Quals, Negotiations, and contracts around their PeopleSoft FSCM/P2P install. At this time, Oracle did not have commitment control (fund accounting(.

Prospect Medical (OraCloud+)

  •  P2P/SCM SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Aug 2017 - Jun 2019

Represented PMH in their implementation. Worked to ensure that the business understood the decisions the implementer was making and that they were prepared to accept and maintain the software post-go-live.

Dropbox. (OraCloud+)

  •  Source-to-Settle SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Dec 2017 - Nov 2018

At the request of Oracle, met with deployment team (post Deloitte implementation) to audit the design and suggest a series of design enhancements as well as a roadmap for who and when they would be deployed.

Oracle Corporation

  •  Pre-Sales Solution Architect (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Aug 2020 - Oct 2020

Came to help Oracle sell Oracle Cloud. Challenged by COVID. Left because the promised compensation never materialized and because Oracle refused to sell "small-ball" when the larger transformations were halted due to COVID. Learn a lot. Was glad to be there.

Vanguard (OraCloud+)

  •  Source-to-Settle SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Mar 2020 - Jan 2021

Analyzed, designed, piloted, developed (testing/training materials), and deployed Oracle Cloud for Vanguard globally. Was responsible for supplier reg, sourcing, contracts, reqs, orders, receipts.

Inova Hospital Grp (OraCloud+)

  •  P2P/SCM SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Mar 2021 - Aug 2021

Assisting big-4 SI to deploy P2P and perform regression testing as updates are being released.

ALSAC (OraCloud+)

  •  Oracle Cloud Production Support
  •  Oct 2021 - Mar 2023

Worked with the procurement team at ALSAC St Jude to stabilize the P2P install and support the expansion of P2P functions.

Global Partners (OraCloud+)

  •  Source-to-Settle SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Oct 2021 - Feb 2022

Worked with the procurement team at GP to stabilize the P2P install and lead the team who deployed the remaining applications in the Procurement Cloud bundle (negotiations, agreements, catalogs).

CDM Smith (OraCloud+)

  •  Source-to-Settle SME (Oracle Cloud)
  •  Mar 2022 - Dec 2022

Worked with Oracle, Project Partners, and the team at CDM to rework their global design. We specifically wanted to optimize the design to drive savings by leveraging the best practices built into the Oracle Cloud application.

Republic Services (OraCloud+)

  •  Oracle Business Network SME
  •  Feb 2022 - Apr 2023

Led a team of 9 to enable 100+ across Oracle Cloud & Oracle Business Network supplier enablements (connect to OBN, shop, order out, invoice in, and pay).

WSP (OraCloud+)

  •  Oracle Cloud Solution Architect
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

Worked with global teams to optimize their "continuity install". Designed a process where we would follow the implementation and stabilization phases with optimization and harmonization (to the global design) focused on getting the value of the applications (targeting 100M+ in savings).

Collaboratively defined their operating model, KPIs, and strategies. Then created a list o sprints needed to optimize their applications/processes/people. The organization was fragmented and change weary. The challenge was not the software, but the soft changes required to unify a decentralized organization.

Nocacon LLC

  •  Founder
  •  Jan 2024 - Present

Founded Oracle Cloud deployment company focused on providing white label resources to best of breed systems integrators. Nocacon deployed all Oracle Cloud ERP applications.


Information Systems

  •  San Diego State University
  •  Aug 1989 - May 1992