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Oracle Business Network Supplier Enablements (Per Enablement)


Statement of Work (SOW) Terms


Welcome to the Oracle Business Network Supplier Enablements (Per Enablement) pre-built solution.

This pre-built solution provides Oracle application licensees with all-inclusive method of enabling OBN connects “per supplier”.  It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 suppliers who fit the criteria (see below), we will connect each one for the price listed in the upper-right.

Oracle Business Network or OBN is a free, cloud-based application provided by Oracle for the licensees of its ERP applications.  Licensees can use OBN to electronically transmit purchase orders to their suppliers and receive invoices from their suppliers under certain conditions.  No solutions automates all invoices, but OBN works very well for high volume PO-related invoices and is most often associated with transactions related to punch-out orders (for both draft carts and shopping carts).

The purchase of this micro-service connects 1 supplier to the Service Buyer’s Oracle Cloud instance via the Oracle Business Network.  That connection allows the Service Buyer organization to send purchase orders to the supplier and receive invoices back from that same supplier.  The completion of this service allows the Service Buyers to go “round-trip” (automate the procurement and settlement processes) with that one supplier.  It also allows the Service Buyer to connect to the supplier’s commerce site (aka punchout) as part of this enablement process (see below for the steps).



The PURPOSE of this pre-built solution is as follows:

  • To provide an all-inclusive price for connecting a supplier, via the Oracle Business Network, to their customer’s Oracle Cloud instance.
  • To allow procurement organizations to dramatically decrease procurement’s cost per transaction.


Scope of Work:

The SCOPE for this pre-built solution is as follows:

  • Oracle Business Network
  • Self-Service Procurement Remote Catalogs (Opt)
  • Purchase Order B2B Electronic Transmission
  • Invoice & Credit B2B Electronic Transmission


NOTE: this service provider created Panameer’s Supplier Integration free end-user training content (courses)!



The LOCATION for this pre-built solution is as follows:

  • REMOTE – all sessions will be broadcast via Teams to the service buyer/enterprise.



The TASKS for this pre-built solution are as follows:

    1. Kick-Off Meeting
    2. Register
    3. Primary ID
    4. Connection
    5. Transaction Enablement
    6. Trading Partners
    7. Supplier Contacts
    1. Connect to Remote Catalog (stock with no extrinsics)
    2. Test Connection.
    1. Setup Order Out.
    2. Test sending orders to supplier through OBN
    1. Setup Invoice Out.
    2. Define DVMs
    3. Test sending invoices to supplier through OBN.
    4. Test sending credits to supplier through OBN.
  5. TEST
    1. Test Contact Mgt via Supplier ortal
    2. Test Self-Service/remote catalog (aka punchout) Requesting
    3. Test Order Transmission
    4. Test Invoice Transmissions
    5. Test Settlement Verification for Supplier
  6. GO-LIVE
    1. Define how to handle converted or pre-OBN orders.



The MILESTONES for this pre-built solution are as follows:

  1. This service has NO milestones.



The DELIVERABLES for this pre-built solution are as follows:

  1. The service provider will deliver suppliers how are enabled their customer via OBN.
  2. The service buyer will schedule the meetings with the suppliers
  3. The service buyer will provide any known URLs and passwords for suppliers punchouts


The SCHEDULE for this pre-built solution is as follows:

  1. Enablement Timeline – 15-30 enablements per resource within 30-90 days
  2. The service buyer will schedule bi-daily one hour sessions (T/TH or M/W) for each of the suppliers being enabled.  These sessions will go for 6-8 weeks.
  3. The service buyer will work to get internal and external; resources into these meetings.
  4. Every second cancelled or ineffective meeting results in a delay for that supplier and, possibly, the project.  Meeting effectiveness is crucial.



The SETTLEMENT details for this pre-built solution is as follows:

  1. This service is paid via credit/debit/procurement card in advance of the service being delivered.
  2. This process must be completed for each Oracle Business Network connection (plus the Oracle Licensee’s connection if not already completed).
  3. To purchase this service, the service buyer must perform the following steps:
    • Click the BUY NOW button.
    • Pay using the credit/debit card option.
  4. The service provider will receive a notification immediately.
  5. The service provider will message the service buyer for dates and times within 24 hours.
  6. Both parties will select a day/time within 48 hours of the purchase notification.
  7. The service buyer must confirm the service has been performed and rate it within 48 hours of the Q&A documentation being emailed.



The ASSUMPTIONS for this pre-built solution are as follows:

  • The provider configures the Oracle Cloud instance (suppliers, CMK, DVMs, etc.).
  • The provider configures the Oracle Business Network instance (methods, parameters, trading partners, etc.).
  • A detailed schedule will be defined in the first meeting (pre-kick-off).
  • The service buyer is responsible for communicating the schedule to suppliers
  • The service buyer is responsible for the buyers/supplier’s participation (right roles/right time).
  • Suppliers delays will extend the time window requiring an additional $500 per meeting.
  • All sessions can be recorded by Panameer only.
  • All sessions cannot be rebroadcast without express written permission of Panameer’s management.
  • Al documents and illustrations are the property of Panameer only

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